All English - Learn English Through Our Unique Hyper-Immersion Program

All English is a fun and engaging online course that uses the power of video to quickly teach you how to understand and speak English.

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Don’t expect your typical English class. You won’t learn grammar and rules. Instead, you’ll learn what you really want to know: You’ll learn how to communicate with other English speakers and share your ideas, feelings and experiences.

Learning English does not have to be difficult. Anyone can learn to understand and speak English by using this innovative immersion process. The process is fun and stress-free. You’ll quickly find yourself “picking up” or acquiring the language in natural way. Just like a child, you’ll learn to speak without even trying to learn.

As you watch the short videos, you’ll enter the world of Amy, a young Canadian woman who moves to the big city and finds herself involved in a bit of a mystery. Through visual storytelling, you’ll be immersed in the language and learn real authentic English that people use every day.

You won’t have to buy textbooks, DVDs or CDs. Because this innovative program uses the unique features of the web, you can learn on your computer, tablet or phone.  All you need is an Internet connection capable of streaming video and you’ll be learning English faster than you can imagine.

The All English online classes will launch in 2018. Until the official launch please use the many resources available on this site.