Grammar Bytes


Learning grammar rules is not necessary for learning English. However, we find that many students want grammatical explanations. Why? Because that’s what they are used to. So occasionally, throughout  All English lessons, we’ll outline grammatical rules for these students. This comforts the students who feel a need to understand the underlying mechanisms, but it doesn’t interfere with English acquisition by the largest number of students who really don’t have any interest in grammar.

We call these mini-grammar lessons “grammar bytes”. These lessons are not full meals, just little, easy to digest morsels. The explanations will be brief and as easy to understand as possible.

We think of this approach as “homeopathic grammar”. In homeopathic medicine, you take just small amounts of medicine that could be deadly in larger quantities. Likewise, a little bit of grammar may help your understanding, but relying on grammar to any significant degree is actually detrimental to your language acquisition and will prevent you from becoming fluent.

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